How Arab Leaders Betrayed Islam and Defied the Logic of Political Change, Peace and Security?
Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja: The imperial networks export militarization and wars to destabilize the Arab Middle East. The Arab world has one focal issue - Palestine and the Two States solution.  The contemporary Arab world has no honest leaders to protect the Masjid Al-Aqsa and its sanctity from Israeli’s Ultra Nationalist provocations and to reason with Palestine and Israel and what future options could be imagined for peace and security. Read More

Peace and War: Russia-Ukraine Conflict Urgently Needs a Dialogue for Peace
By Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja:
The trajectory of peace and war between Russia, Ukraine and the West unfolds the pursuit of unbridled ambitions and insane geopolitics at the height of cheap military triumphs and fame. The egoistic class of leaders operating global institutions claim “success” by rape of earth, destruction of human habitats and bellicose chauvinism without any accountability.  The unending war fast became an economic warfare – accelerated weapons sales to warring parties and money making. Read More

Pakistan in Search of New Life
by Dr Mahboob A Khawaja: Few of the Pakistan accomplice Generals appear to have an unrestrained mental sickness to view Imran Khan  (Teherk-Insaf Pakistan – “Justice Party”), as a threat to their survival and wanted to eliminate him by all means – fair or foul. The arrest of Imran Khan unfolds an unwarranted and fraudulent scheme of things orchestrated by Sharif brothers and a few Generals to cover-up their own scandalous corruption and was  the result of individualistic political animosities. Read More

Global Peace and Security: Waging “War on Terrorism” in the Middle East Even as We “Embody Terrorism
By Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja: Wars and societal conflicts do not end with political statements. The mankind is fraught with painful experiences of the unwanted Two World Wars. The perpetrators escape the consequences pushing humanity into unthinkable disasters generations after generations. A war of words and conveniently arrived erotic hypothesis of the few sadistic warlords on complex global issues are draining out the positive energies, time and opportunities for peaceful dialogue towards conflict prevention and conflict management. Read More

Global War on Terrorism is Killing Mankind: Why Soldiers Commit Suicide?
Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja
After more than a decade, the war on terrorism appears unstoppable and unending. Its real victims and causalities are the ordinary people – the present and future generations entangled in a cruel web of ripple effects and undefined rationality of the war. Those combat soldiers who were pushed to such animalistic behaviors on the front-line – man killing man without any enmity and reason, are the real victims of the few insane politicians. Read More

The Arab Time Capsule:  Once You Were the Leaders of Islamic Civilization
 By Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja
Once upon a time, the Arabs were the leaders in knowledge and human progress and the Islamic civilization was the pioneering civilization across Europe to become a role model for centuries to come. For eight hundred years, the Arabs evolved the most advanced civilizations- the longest period that any civilizations is known to have flourished in human history. The London Museum of Science is facilitating the past, not celebrating the present or making the future to happen. Why?  Simply put, Muslims have not been part of the progressive movement for change and development into the 21st century. They appear more like Muslims without Islam. The achievements over the centuries were the outcome of Islam as a system of thinking and living and nothing else. After the forced collapse and eviction of the Muslims from Al-Andulasia, they misconceived the future challenges and preferred to live in a time capsule of borrowed time and money. They continued to be dispersed, arguing about the past not THINKING about the present or the future, and remained “Scattered like Seeds” as Dr. Shaw Dallal ably describes in his book.
Read More 

Why Do Soldiers Commit Suicide and Global Warlords
Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja
Soldiers do not go to fight the unknown enemies on their own. They are indoctrinated and pushed to war paradigm by the political monsters having no knowledge of a war front and who use them as digits and numbers – to compile official statistic, and to support the economy of dehumanization. Consequently, the fighting soldiers - men of conscience lose unity of the human consciousness - unity of material and spiritual factors of life and balanced characteristic– fair and foul. It is a tragic conjuncture of inner revolt of human consciousness for a crime that is not part of the human nature and character and not visible to scientifically expert minds – the doctors who simply identify mental health issues of those suspected of syndrome to commit suicide. These are the net causalities of man’s insanity against man. The real reasons are hardly mentioned in expert reports. Science and machines cannot comprehend the intricate balance between material and spiritual life and inner consciousness of the self- the human. Politicians who entangle the human beings into warmongering are void of the knowledge of Unity of Human Self - an all embracing sanctity of sacred life created by God. Read More

Pakistan:  How Neo-Colonial Leaders Stabbed the Nation?
Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja:  Pakistan’s Neo-colonial elite continued to ruthlessly purge any public dissent against the most hated and most feared ones.  The British Raj debacles are hidden in the new freedom of the few against many.   Reflecting on the current political fault lines originating from Pakistan, one could pinpoint the unrestrained egoistic political drive to domination as the major source of evil.  Rationally speaking, honesty, piety, evil and moral values are not the ingredients of the Nature of Things but essentially shapes, forms and practices of human behavior. Pakistan and all other Asian and African nations colonized by the British, French and other Europeans remain colonized in thoughts, systems and institutions. British by design failed to deliver the truth of national freedom to Pakistan and India in a universal spirit of political responsibility. Pakistan fell victim to political conspiracies and military interventions losing its ideological originality and intellectual capacity for nation-building, new system of political governance and independent future-making. Lacking truth and trust in their plans and policies, Pakistani neocolonial elite arrested Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister and jailed him on fictitious political charges aimed at depriving the nation from a free and fair election.  Within one year there are reported to be 150 political geared cases registered against Imran Khan. Their actions represent desperate political absolutism submerging Pakistan into a highly uncivilized and destabilized nation of the few former landlords patronized by foreign Masters. Read More

Could we save humanity being destroyed by ignorance and perpetuated animosities?
Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja
: M
ore than 1.5 years of the on-going catastrophic conflict between NATO, Russia, the EU and Ukraine being a victim exposes absurdities and contradictions for their strategic interests. Russia had plans to react with massive forces to destroy Ukraine and limit the affluent NATO for its f
uturistic militarization plans…..Despite hallow claims of peace and moral values, no moral and ethical behavior is seen in the sudden and inexplicable plunge to human wickedness. Even the warmongers cannot predict what the end game is going to be. Evil happens when conscientious men do nothing. God created the Heavens and Earth as a trust to fulfill all human aspirations and to flourish human generations since time immemorial. It was not meant to be bombed and destroyed by sheer ignorance and wickedness. Are we neglectful of our origin and encompassed reality? Read More

Arrest of Imran Khan Signals Corrupt Authoritarian Order
Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja: The illegitimate Sharif government makes a final stab into the body politics of Pakistan. Vengefully indoctrinated  and politically paranoid and fearful thugs and indicted criminals trying to ditch Imran Khan into the unknown. Once again, his arrest was made like a military action against a former PM. They allege he bought foreign gifts while a PM and was sentenced by a court to three years in  jail. Imran Khan was hurriedly arrested without any warrant and taken to Islamabad by road. Khan claims about 100 illegal politically geared cases against him to deprive him of a political come back. Read More

Al-Aqsa Mosque Waiting for the Arab Leaders
by Dr Mahboob A KhawajaThere is a chronic problem of irresistible political and religious necessity to dehumanize Palestinians in particular and Muslims in general that the State of Israel occupies their Third Holiest site in East Jerusalem. Netanyahu desperately needs diversion and unthinkable conflicts for his own survival and to avert the massive 14 weeks long public protests and new kind of socio-political chaos to balance his weak and corrupt leadership. What is the core impulse of the problem? Read More

Arab time capsule: Once we were the leaders of Islamic civilization
By Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja
Ruled by ex-colonial masters, Muslims are more divided now than at the time of formal imperialism. Egotistical and self-made Muslim rulers are selling Muslims and their interests to foreign powers for money and political favors by manufacturing a myth of "Islamic extremism" and "terrorism."  Many rulers dependent on petro dollars call themselves "moderate" Muslims - an innovative way to give meaning and purpose to wickedness and treachery. The masses are boxed in, helpless captives unable to think about anything except survival, not knowing how to replace their stupid, cruel leaders who stay in power with the aid of their colonial masters.
Read More

Arab Triangle – How the prosperity bubble destroyed Arabs moral and intellectual culture
By Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja
: Arabs
lost the moral and intellectual capacity to THINK intelligently of the self, about their culture, their global presence and about their future. With massive killings, daily bloodbaths across the Arab world, the leaders are happy that people are occupied in their own follies and that America and Britain are sheltering their role-play with increased militarization of the Arab world. All major public institutions in the Arab world are dominated by the Western thinking and agents of influence. The tragedy of Arab authoritarianism and economic militarization of the oil producing Arab nations is more complex and full of individualistic horrors, societal complacency and political blunders. Almost at every opportunity offered by time and history, the absolute rulers took wrong turns and slipped into the vices and ruins of self-generated corruption. Read More

Arab World: Searching for Reason in Ruins of Insanity
By Dr. Mahboob Khawaja
: Baghdad, Damascus and Aleppo – the hubs of ancient cultures and civilizations are targets of man-made destruction Arab leadership’s political incapacity is joined with complacency and the result is the worst combination of tyranny and cruelty to humanity. Is it an inevitable Divine punishment to the Arab leaders for their meddling in affairs that they lack imagination and power? Western warmongering and Arab authoritarianism have destroyed what took centuries to human ingenuity and intellect to build for future generations. How do you reason with monstrous acts of bombing and killing the of innocent people – a ‘right man’ syndrome in its worst naked form and shape? Retrieved historic diplomacy and fake persuasive dialogue is esoteric doctrine fraught with ignorance and arrogance. The civilized world sees the deliberate massacres of people, and torture and destruction of the habitats through the books, media analysis. All presented with a conceit that speaks boldly of peace and security, human rights, law and justice, but in practice, gross indifference and jargon of empty elegance and meaningless futility.
Read More

How the United States and Britain Lost the Bogus Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?
By Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja
U.S.-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are fought to maintain US domination worldwide, to occupy the untapped natural resources of the Middle East, in particular oil and gas, and to protect the value of U.S. dollar as a stable international reserve currency. In September 2000, the proactive policy paper written by the neoconservative intellectuals to envision the "Project for the New American Century" (PNAC), sets the milestone, seeking U.S. domination over the rest of the world powers. Centuries ago, German historian Carl Von Clausewitz wrote On War: “War is not merely a political act but also a real political instrument, a continuation of political commerce, a carrying out of the same by other means.” Read More

British Colonialism and How India and Pakistan Lost Freedom
By Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja
There is no change for the people in the colonized landscape except enlarged scope of moral and intellectual corruption guised as freedom. If you will question both elite having many common values of the British Raj, they would deny if there is anything wrong with their thinking, role play and management of public affairs. The new and young generation who could not imagine a new sustainable future are vanishing fast and migrating to Europe and America in search of better opportunities. The old generations of landlords and retired civilian-military officials manage the governing bodies whereas people of new and educated generation are deprived of any practical participation and migrate to Europe and North America and never return to their home countries.
The hub of political culture is divided and delusional about national freedom and a sustainable future-making. There are no wars for the people of the sub-continent to fight but they are fighting wars on several fronts without reason- known and unknown. The compelling realities across the beleaguered sub-continent demand new thinking, new visionary leadership, men of new ideas and plans to deal with the unwarranted exploitation of masses, communal deaths, and deliberate destruction of the   historic culture and millions of people looking for change and a new beginning of cordial borders and relationships. Read More


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