February 2023


By Prof. Arthur Scott

Abdus Sattar Ghazali’s latest analysis of the Muslim World is a very insightful study of how the geopolitics of world is changing dramatically  away  from American domination to a more pluralistic interplay of power  centers to Beijing and Moscow and other secondary and tertiary centers like the Muslim World. All are extracting themselves from the heavy hand of twentieth century western Imperialism.

He describes this shift as the democratization of the world order  emerging by 2030. Its driven primarily by China through its Belt and Road program through which it hopes to create a political, and socio-economic union to rival that of European Union and NATO based on uniting many of the older  Silk Road Muslim states.

In addition, China and Russia have come together in an economic constellation, BRIGS, to challenge even the world currency dominance of the American dollar on the world scale. Other members include Brazil, India, South Africa. This has profound economic implications.

As the American global presence lessens and new power centers emerge the Muslim world, too, because of its population growth and technology and shifting alliances will play a continuous more significant role in terms of foreign affairs, and socio-economic development, and through its Organization of Islamic Cooperation hopefully resolve more effectively intra- Islamic disputes.

Ironically, even xenophobic Europe will experience  a significant increase in its Muslim populations as Islam  becomes  Europe’s  second largest religion as a  by-product of wars, climate shifts, population growth and migrations rapidly changing the cultural landscape. 

In closing, this is a rich book in both content and references that provides to the general reader as well as the academic specialist an excellent overview of major trends over the next few decades reshaping the global geopolitical map.

It needs to be read by all to keep abreast of the dynamic/complicated landscape impacting  Muslims who  seek a greater presence/voice on the world stage as well as other emerging players in Africa, Southeast Asia ,  Latin America, and Eurasia.

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